Our Heartbeat & Vision

There is a Kingdom, and there is a King who is reigning over it right now. This Kingdom is Christ’s, and it is here and now, and still to come. Friend, we are living and breathing in God’s world and on His terms, whether we acknowledge it or not. And our parenting is not in a vacuum. 

Jesus said at the beginning of his earthly ministry, “The kingdom is at hand. Repent.” This is the good news, that Jesus’s righteous reign is here on earth, and by repentance and faith, we can be forever admitted to it. This is the beginning and end of all things: Christ reigning.

Do your kids know this?

Do your kids know that they are living presently coram deo, before the face of the living God? Do they know that after living every moment ordained by him, it will be his face they see? 

Eternity is not later, but now. Jesus has already come, already saved, has already crushed the head of the serpent, and all of our living ought now be unto Him.

Don’t let them leave your care without this reality etched in their hearts. Don’t give them over to lesser passing loves and hopes that will one day burn in the judgment. 

Don’t forego the privilege of setting their sights again and again on Christ the radiant Savior King. 

I’m here in this with you. Here to encourage Kingdom families into Christ until he comes.