Fall 2022 Collection

Collection Launches Oct 1

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Collection, our inaugural collection of goods, created to help strengthen your life of faithfulness to Christ as a family and individual believer. This humble first collection features several tools you may find useful in driving your prayer life. More details on each product are below!

Prayer Card Sets

These card sets focus on three important topics that many of us pray for: our children*, the saving of the lost, and the church.

Each set is a collection of prayer points that are firmly rooted in the Word and its truths in context. A Scripture passage serves as the basis of each prayer point, and each card contains a written prayer, intended to kick start your own praying.

The sets will be sold separately and as a bundle. *The card set "For Your Child" is a customizable product so you can insert the name(s) of your child(ren) directly into the printed cards. A lovely option for gifting to mothers or new mothers.

"Reasons To Praise" Card Set (For Kids)

The practice of prayer calls for thoughtfulness and humility in approaching God. The aim of these cards is to teach our children the foundation of prayer: acknowledging God. Before a single request is made, we recognize God's great attributes and give him praise for them.

This card set gathers twelve descriptions of God and offers simple explanations for parents and children to read through together. Each card incorporates the description of God, a verse from Scripture that highlights the attribute, a short explanation, and guiding prayer.

A great fit for family or homeschool morning time. Parents can benefit from these cards as well. None of us is above the daily posture of worship! 

"Praying For You" Greeting Cards & Postcards

It is no small thing to lift one another up to throne of the living God. And as members of Christ's body, it is our great privilege and responsibility to strive for the building up of Christ's church.

As you pray for your brothers and sisters, near and far, you can send them a card or postcard to let them know how you are praying for them. The impact of knowing the love and concern of other believers through prayer cannot be underestimated.

These cards will be available in sets of greeting cards and postcards, in three floral designs.

Fall 2022 Collection items can be found