Our Family Way Poster

Introducing a simple and yet powerful tool to capture the essence of your family's values and way of life.

Use this poster template to display a list of ways your family resolves to live. You can refer to it together through the rhythms of your days together for both rebuke and encouragement. You can reflect on it together regularly to recommit to your set way of living.

I'd like to share a few of the benefits of having a Family Way list:
  1. Your values are stated clearly and concisely. It's a wonderful tool for teaching the youngest members of your family what you as a family are all about.
  2. It's a helpful tool for reminder and rebuke. We all fall short of our own standards, but one help in striving for those goals is to have easy reminders.
  3. It's a way of worshiping the Lord by resolving to live in a way that pleases him. Your list is something you can offer the Lord, asking for his help to live by it.
Access our free "Family Way" poster template and customize it to your liking.

Our Family Way Poster Template

This poster template is hosted designed on Canva. It's formatted as an 8.5x11" document. You don't need a Canva account to access this page, as you should be able to enter your email address to open. You can make as many customizations and edits as you want, then save as PDF, and print!