Reading and Intake

We want to encourage you along several aspects of family discipleship:

Reading and intake
| Talking it out | Walking it out | Loving the local church | Reflection and prayer

We were made by our Creator for nourishment. Just as our kids cannot go a single day without food before feeling hunger pangs, their souls were made to be filled up with truth. Like tummies to be filled with physical food, their hearts are ready made belief buckets, ready to be filled with truth to believe in.

Adults and kids alike need a steady diet of Truth to flourish. We believe this diet consists of: 

  • The living Word of God - the Bible

  • Good stories that tell of virtue and folly

  • More works - stories, poems, songs, movies, plays - that put God's goodness, truth, and beauty on display

To this end, we seek to encourage you with encouragement and resources for daily family worship, family Bible time, and reading aloud every day in your home.