Walking It Out

We want to encourage you along several aspects of family discipleship:

Reading and intake | Talking it out | Walking it out | Loving the local church | Reflection and prayer

We believe in the power of category building in the repetition of daily family life. It is inherent in God's design: parents living day by day with their children, stewarding the responsibility, love, and authority given to them.

Children can see and begin to believe that something we say is true when they see us living it out in the daily unseen moments. Our limited years at home with our children afford us a profound opportunity to demonstrate what the truths of the gospel look and smell like in real life - God's righteousness, his justice and mercy, his forgiveness, reconciliation, repentance, love, joy, and peace.

To this end, we hope to encourage you in the patterns of Christian living, and we hope to help you rejoice in the great task you've been given by our Lord.